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Salty Silver Siren Ghost Tour in Galveston cemetery



Mermaid Siren

Salty Silver Siren Tours was founded on the idea of exploring Galveston's secrets and its dark history. We believe that history is not just found in books, but can be experienced through the senses. Our experienced tour guides will take you on a journey through Galveston's past, where you will learn about the town's rich history and try to communicate with its ghosts using high tech equipment. Join us on a tour and see Galveston in a whole new light.

Boo Buddy the ghost trigger bear

Who is Boo Buddy?

Boo Buddy is an EMF trigger object designed to facilitate communication with the departed during one of our ghost tours. He is a soft, plush toy bear that acts as an attractive object to entice interactions from the deceased. He is a perfect tool to help participants on the tour connect with the spirit world. With Boo Buddy by your side, you'll be sure to experience a truly memorable ghost tour.

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